Декабрь 4th, 2018

Headz.FM episode #150: new Waajeed / Hazards of Prophecy / Urulu / Little Snake / Planet Battagon

Мы приближаемся к концу года — последние новинки 2018-го, свежая музыка от Planet Battagon / On The Corner, Hazards of Prophecy / Tiff’s Joints, Atjazz, Art Of Tones, Kruder/Hunter, Urulu, Fly By Night Music, Guy One / Philophon и многих других.
Треклист и загрузка внутри по ссылке. Спасибо, что слушаете и делитесь.

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Deep Shoq and Miles Bonny — All One (Darker Than Wax)
Deft — For Sudden VIP (20/20 LDN)
Vince Vella — Mirando
Guy One — Estre (Philophon)
The Stance Brothers — Minor Minor (We Jazz)
Samba de Coco Ra?zes de Arcoverde — O Grilo (DJ Tahira Remix) (Kafundo)
Vula Viel — Well Come
Alphabets Heaven — Follow (WotNot)
Kruder / Hunter — This Is What U Get (Compost Disco)
Tush — To Darnelladon (and Beyond) (Do Right)
Auntie Flo — Havana Rhythm Dance (feat. Andrew Ashong) (Brownswood)
Dj Rocca & Leo Almunia — Mbira Funk (Really Swing)
VIGI — 909 at Three O’Clock (Dj Cam Remix) (Elevate)
Little Snake — Delusions (Brainfeeder)
Waajeed — I Just Wanna Tell (Dirt Tech)
Chip Wickham — Snake Eyes (Ishmael Ensemble Remix) (Lovemonk)
Hazards of Prophecy — Percussion Concussion (Tiff’s Joints)
Complesso di Livio Chiarizia — Fast Food (Fly By Night)
Fat Freddies Drop — Mother, Mother (Theo Parrish Translation) (The Drop)
Lord Echo — Terabu (Wonderful Noise)lanet Battagon — Who’s Out On Quaoar (On The Corner)
Art Of Tones — I Can (Local Talk)
Atjazz — Playground (feat. Sarai Jazz) — Playground (Soloh Remix) (Atjazz)
Urulu — D.R.M (Tartalet)
Allysha Joy — FNFL (Gondwana)
Darkhouse Family — Moving 909s (iZWID)
Joseph Malik — Love Bound (Wallace & Morris ‘North Street’ Vocal Remix) (Ramrock)
Roselien — Loving (Remix) (feat. Amoachille) (Kaidi Tatham remix)
Quart — Life is Beautiful (BBE)

We are getting closer & closer to the end of this year, and still so many unplayed gems to discover. New episode and new music from around the world. Amazing fresh & upcoming things in this one — beats, acid disco, afrobrazilian, jazz, braindance, house and beyond. Let us know if you enjoy, tell your friends. Thanks for listening and support!

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